Stamped-Tissue Paper Apple Tree

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Stamped Tissue Paper Apple TreeOf all the apple “activities” we’ve done, I think this is my favorite.  Lauren’s loved the creative painting technique so much that it just might be her favorite too.  (I’ll have to ask.)  Not only is this a great fall activity, but it’s fun to use to reinforce shapes, specifically circles and rectangles.  It’s also serves as great fine motor practice from the not only the stamping, but also the crumpling and gluing of the tissue paper “apples.”

Here’s what you’ll need:

manilla or white paper for the background

brown construction paper (for the tree trunk)

scissors (if you aren’t ready for scissors kids could tear the trunk and tissue paper)

green paint

paint tray

empty toilet paper roll(s)

red tissue paper (or construction paper although tissue is easier to crumple)


tray for glue

Stamped Tissue Paper Apple Tree

It was a really nice day, so we decided to craft outside on the deck.

First, we cut a brown rectangle for our apple tree’s trunk.  Lauren has been working on shapes, especially the tricky rectangle, and cutting at school, so this was perfect for her to do.  Then we glued it down.  Gluing is another big skill for three-year-olds in preschool right now.  (There’s been LOTS of supervised cutting and gluing going on in our house lately.)

Stamped Tissue Paper Apple Tree

Next, it was time to paint, or stamp.  The bad news was we were out of green washable paint.  The good news was that we had two great green acrylic paints (that explains the lovely “painting shirt.”)  Lauren LOVES to paint and lately she’s been greatly entertained by painting with non-traditional items.  (She even painted with a marshmallow at school the other day.  So silly!) I highly recommend letting your little ones try painting with not only a variety of paint brushes, but also other household items.

Stamped Tissue Paper Apple Tree

Stamping the “circle” shaped leaves was really fun.

Stamped Tissue Paper Apple Tree


Stamped Tissue Paper Apple TreeOnce our tree was full of green leaves, it was time to add the apples.  Lauren cute small pieces of red tissue from a larger sheet.  Then, she crumpled the pieces into “apples.”

It got a little too windy, so we had to move inside to finish.

It got a little too windy, so we had to move inside to finish.

Lauren dipped the apples into a little pool of glue and stuck them on her tree. (More great fine motor practice. Look at those pincers in actions!)

Stamped Tissue Paper Apple TreeAll finished! (Be sure to let the apple dry completely before hanging up!)

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