Marshmallow Pops

You may remember seeing these yummy treats at Lauren’s first birthday party and at my sister-in-law’s baby shower.  There are SO many things I love about them.  First, let’s face it; they’re sweet and delicious.  Second, they are super easy and quick to make. No baking required. Anyone can make these, and they’d actually be a great project to do with kids. Third, with just a handful of store-bought items you end up with a really great looking homemade treat. Lastly, I love that you can color coordinate them to match any theme or occasion.

So, without further delay, here are the instructions (I can’t even call this a recipe) for Marshmallow Pops:

Marshmallow Pops

Supplies Needed:

Wilton Candy Melts (any color)

Microwave safe glass dish (I like to use a 2-4 cup Pyrex measuring cup)

Lollipop Sticks


Sprinkles (or other optional decorations)

Styrofoam or wax paper lined baking sheet

1. Place candy melts in a microwave safe glass dish and melt according to package instructions.  (I microwave in thirty second intervals stirring in between.) Once candy coating is melted and smooth you’re ready to begin dipping.

2. To help the marshmallow stay on the stick, dip the very tip of the lollipop stick into the candy coating before inserting it into the marshmallow.  Be careful not to push the stick all the way through the marshmallow.  (About halfway is good.)

3. Once the marshmallow is on the stick, carefully dip it into the candy coating.  (I prefer to coat only half of the marshmallow, but you can dip the whole thing if you’d like.)  After dipping let any excess candy coating drip off back into the dish.

4. While candy coating is still very wet, apply sprinkles, or other decorations if desired.  If using sprinkles, shake on over a small bowl.  Not only will this help you collect extras to reuse, but it keeps your melted candy coating from becoming full of sprinkles.

5. Stick completed marshmallow masterpieces into Styrofoam, or lay on a wax paper lined baking sheet, to dry.  The candy coating should be completely hardened within thirty minutes.

6. Display & Enjoy!


Notes & Tips:

-Wilton Candy Melts are available at craft stores, like Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabrics, I’ve even seen them at Wal-Mart.

-Lollipop sticks are also available at craft stores. I used the Wilton brand sticks.

-Be creative with your decorations.  A single M&M adds a nice pop of color, or maybe mini chocolate chips, or even graham cracker crumbs on a chocolate-coated marshmallow (S’mores Pops, anyone?)

-Marshmallow Pops can be made ahead of time, but they should be stored in an airtight container once dry as marshmallows become stale and hard rather quickly.  I would not recommend making them more than 24 hours in advance.

-I like to display my own marshmallow masterpieces in small, clear glass vases (like the leftover ones you have stuck under your sink that flowers came in).  While it’s not necessary, I like to fill the vases with some type of coordinating candy to help hold the bottoms of the sticks in place.  The vases in the pictures are filled with Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers (yum!), but M&Ms, jelly beans, or even mini marshmallows would work just as well.  Additionally, you could jazz up your container with a band of ribbon or a simple bow.

-Here’s another fun idea for displaying that would work especially well if you’d like to use your marshmallow pops as a favor.  Craft stores sell very small cellophane bags that you could place over the marshmallow.  Then tie with ribbon at the bottom of the marshmallow.  Not only would this be a fun take-away for your guest, but it would help the pops stay fresh too!

-Lastly, why stop at marshmallows.  I obviously didn’t.  I think I might actually love candy coated pretzel rods even more than marshmallow pops.  Or what about strawberries?  Even store bought cookies (sandwich cookies, wafer cookies, graham crackers) look more appealing when they’re half-dipped into (or drizzled with) a color candy coating. Just follow the same steps and let your imagination be your guide.